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10 Problems Only Tall Men Will Understand


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Here at BadRhino we understand what it means to be tall, so we’ve compiled a list of 10 light-hearted problems that only tall men will understand.

1) Shirts you buy will rarely ever fit…

tall shirts struggle choose two

Finding a shirt that fits can be a common struggle, and you’re probably used to compromising on one of sleeve length, shirt length, or waist width.

But compromise no more with the BadRhino range of tall shirts, made with an extra 5cm in body length and up to an extra 3cm in sleeve length.

2) Jeans you buy can often look like ¾ lengths…

short jeans problem

Finding a pair of jeans that don’t look like ¾ lengths can be tasking, especially when most brands only offer up to a 34 inch inside leg. But here at BadRhino we feel your pain, which is why our tall jeans are made up to a 38 inch inside leg and a 64 inch waist.

3) You can never find a pair of shoes in your size…

lots of shoes that do not fit

Finding shoes that fit can be a nightmare. So many different shoes to choose from, yet none seem to be available in above a size 12. Thankfully, our collection of footwear goes up to a size 15…so stylish and comfortable footwear has never been easier.

4) You’re restricted on what car you can drive…

tall person in a Fiat 500

Ever wanted to drive a classic Mini or an original Fiat 500? Tough. Unless you can endure excruciating knee pain, it’s best to stick to a more spacious alternative.

5) You hear the same awful jokes over, and over again…

bad tall person jokes

No, actually I don’t play basketball, and would you believe it… the weather up here is EXACTLY the same as it is down there!

6) Meeting people for the first time without them reminding you how tall you are…

shocked face

No way!? You must be kidding me! Thank you so much for pointing that out, because I’ve spent my entire life completely oblivious to the fact. If only someone had told me before!

7) You can never fully experience a nice warm bath…

tall person bath struggle

Or even a shower…

tall person shower struggle

8) You’re always put to the back of group pictures…

tall person at the back of group picture

9) Seats just aren’t made with you in mind…

Whether it be on an aeroplane…

tall person aeroplane seat

Or even at the cinema…

tall person cinema struggle

10) And your friends use you as a landmark in busy crowds…

tall person in a crowd

It’s a well-known fact that as the tall guy of the group you’re always used as a meeting point in busy crowds, but be careful not to get lost, if your friends can’t find you how will they find each other!