Dream Denim…No Matter Your Shape!


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Whether it’s a night out with the girls, a hot date at a restaurant or even a cosy night on the sofa, a well-fitting pair of jeans is the answer to so many of our wardrobe dilemmas. Therefore, when purchasing the most versatile piece of all our clothing, it is vital that you know what to look for and choose the right pair for your shape. This can sometimes be an overwhelming task with so many styles and brands to choose from. Well, you need not worry any longer, if it’s plus-size jeans you’re looking for, just follow our simple guide and you’ll be slipping into the perfect pair in no time!

The principle rule for buying jeans is the same for every woman: Whatever size you may be, think SHAPE not size. Most of us fall into one of four body shape categories; pear, apple, hour-glass and straight. Once you’ve decided on which of these you are, simply apply our top tips for pain-free denim shopping.


It is estimated that 70% of us fall under this body-shape banner. If you carry most of your weight on your lower body (hips, bottom, thighs) and have a smaller top half then you do too!

-To balance out your curves, always opt for boot cut jeans.

-Dark colours are the most flattering so steer clear of stonewashed or ‘distressed’ denim and add colour with your tops and accessories.

-By wearing your jeans slightly lower on the waist or even on your hips you will make your bottom appear smaller.

-Look for large, flat pockets on the back of the jeans rather than bulky pockets or too many buttons.

Pear Shape’s ideal jeans….

Indigo Diamante Boot Cut Jeans


Do you carry most of your weight on your tummy and have fewer issues with your lower half? Then you’re an Apple shape. Apples can find it hard to find to find jeans that fit on the waist and show off their slim legs. So remember….

-Make sure that your jeans fit around your tummy rather than below or above it.

-If you’re lucky enough to have slim legs then make the most of them with lighter shades of denim.

-Embroidery or embellishments on the leg of the jeans will draw the eye to your slimmest parts.

-Look for some stretch in your denim for comfort on the waist band and a proper fit on your legs.

Apple Shape’s ideal jeans….

Grey Butterfly Embroidered Jean


Hour-glass shapes have a well balanced silhouette with a similar width of hips and bust and defined waist. If you’re lucky enough to be this traditional womanly shape, then you will want to show it off.

-Wear your jeans on your waist with a dynamic belt to accentuate your narrowest part.

-As with the pear shape, boot cut or flare jeans keep your shape balanced and flatter your hips and thighs.

-Darker colours are a good option as they slim the thigh and hip area. Wear a vibrant top and draw attention to your curves.

Hour Glass’ ideal jeans….

Diamante Button Jean


A Ruler body shape means that you have a similar body width up and down your body and may lack feminine curves. You probably don’t have much definition on the waist so this is the area to concentrate on to create a sexy shape.

-To add some curves to your legs and hips, try a ‘slouch’ fitting pair which will give the illusion of some definition.

-To create a waist, keep the waist band of the jeans fairly loose so you are able to wear a well fitting top.

-Avoid any jeans with stretch in them, looser fabrics will disguise any parts of your body that you are not confident with.

-Wear a lighter denim shade if you are confident with your legs and keep vibrant colours to your top half.

-Add some bright accessories for a touch of femininity.

Rulers’ ideal jeans….

Slouch Wide-Leg Jeans