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Everything you NEED to know in prep for Game of Thrones finale


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Warning: Contains spoilers for Game of Thrones season 7.

Season 7 of Game of Thrones has made us feel pretty much every emotion possible (as we expected it would). All GoT fans will have seen all the different theories flying around left, right and centre in prep for the grand finale. So here, I am going to do a roundup of key bits which you need to know or may have missed so you can be all guns blazing ready for the last episode of Season 7.

Sansa & Arya


Game of Thrones season 7 has seen lots of twists and turns throughout but one twist that has caught our eye is Arya turning on her sister Sansa with thanks to the one and only Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish.

This has confused many as both Sansa and Arya have taken on much more fearsome characters than Lord Baelish. There are lots of theories going around regarding thus but one is that the Stark sisters are combining forces to rid Westeros of this awful person.

We have come up with a likely scenario of the fact Arya might be using the letter as a tool to convince Littlefinger that her and Sansa have turned against each other. Which would then explain (sort of) the very intense interaction between both Arya and Sansa after Sansa found her bag of faces.

Why else would Sansa have sent the Stark protector Brienne away other than to get her out of the way whilst the Stark sisters plotted against Littlefinger?

ALSO, Why would Bran, who can see into the future, have handed the dagger over to Arya if he had seen her use it against her sister?



One of the most popular theories going around which EVERYONE seems to be talking about is Bran’s connection to the Night King and if in fact Bran IS the Night King.

This connection suggests that Bran tries to use his time travelling powers to go back in time to save the people of Westeros from the Nightwalkers, but by doing this, he actually becomes the Nightking.

We already know Bran has visions, can see and travel into the past and future, and can warp — or inhabit — another person’s body and control them.

The whole idea being that Bran makes several trips into the past to prevent and eradicate the White Walkers, but by doing this unintentionally creates all the events that cause the current chaos and destruction he was actually trying to prevent.

According to the theory, one of the first time Bran travels back time, was when he visited the Mad King (Aerys Targaryen II). Bran whispers in his ear “Burn them all” to try and warn him of the White Walkers and to get him to burn them. However, this doesn’t go quite to plan, and by Bran doing this he actually drove the Mad King to being mad and then he burns his people instead of the White Walkers (well done Bran).


The second time Bran travels back in time, he tries to go back to when men were first able to get rid of the White Walkers and from doing this, he could then learn how they did it. However, bran miscalculates and actually misses the event entirely. Instead he warps into the legendary Bran the builder and helps build ‘The Wall’ which we now know is not a permanent solution to separating Westeros from the White Walkers (again, well done Bran).


The third and final time Bran travels back in time, is when he goes back to the era of the Children of the Forest and actually inhabits in the first man to ever become a White Walker. The Children of the Forest actually created the White Walkers to eliminate men but actually the White Walkers turned out being much more of a threat than men. The idea of this being that Bran becoming the first White Walker he thought he would then be able to prevent war among the White Walkers. Instead Bran actually becomes trapped in the White Walkers body and as he has so much power, he then becomes the Night King. Bran has been previously warned that if he does stay in someone or somethings body too long he does run the risk of then becoming trapped.


This theory also explains why the Night King let Jon Snow go during the battle of the Hardhome, as Bran was seeing the first member of his family in over a millennium. This shows us that there is still a small part of Bran left in the Night King.


But hey, these are all theories and as Game of Thrones has proven to us many of times, ANYTHING can happen. But for now, just let all of that sink in, and carry on counting down the hours/minutes/seconds until the final episode is aired.