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Najee’s Quick Tips – Style & Grooming

Friday, November 15, 2019

What is your daily routine before leaving the house? Do you spend lots of time to follow particular grooming steps with beard maintenance & hair styling? We asked our model Najee, for some of his daily quick tips for piecing an outfit together, grooming and perfecting your appearance daily.

Quick tip 1 – picking an outfit

Simply start with the main focal point. If there are a certain pair of shoes or a bright shirt you want to wear today, start with these. If it’s the shoes, start with these then work your way up and piece together your outfit this way.

Quick tip 2 – Beard maintenance

For many men who do have a beard my first tip is make sure you do invest in some good beard oil. It doesn’t look good if your beard is dry and starts falling on to your clothes. So, make sure you get yourself some great beard oil and use once in the morning and after a shower as well at night-time as this helps a lot too.

Quick tip 3 – Grooming

For those with curls like mine, you will know how messy this can get. So find yourself some argon oil or any moisturiser with argon oil in and it will help to keep it nice, relaxed and smooth and will be a lot easier to comb through as well.

Whether looking to uupdate your grooming cabinet or looking for gifts for christmas, see our collection of kits from Man’Stuff here. Featuring sets such as wash bags, toiletry sets and shaving kits, you need look no further to ensure you are prepped and ready to go.

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