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Unbuttoned with Terry Hollands: Part 2


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Welcome to our Terry Hollands blog series! Join us as we explore the incredible transition of Terry Hollands, a legendary strongman who has now embarked on a new journey in the world of bodybuilding. After capturing audiences attention worldwide with his immense power and extraordinary feats as a strongman, Terry has left many curious and intrigued by his decision to swap his strongman equipment for dumbbells and barbells.

In this segment, we look into the trials, triumphs, and untold tales behind Terry’s career as a model. Discover his favourite things about modelling and the struggles he’s faced finding clothing as a big and tall man.

Have you ever found it difficult to find clothes to fit as a big and tall man? From back as a child to now?

Yeah, it was way harder when I was younger when I was like 15/16 it was a lot harder as I was the same height as I am now, almost impossible. I think we had like one main store that went nationwide and the stuff they sold was like stuff my dad wouldn’t even wear even now and he’s in his 70s.Obviously it’s always been a bit of a problem but now I’m very fortunate to be working with you guys and you always bring out new clothing which is nice. It’s always been a bit awkward being a big guy and I’m sure most big guys would say the same thing, we were so limited on what we could wear it was almost a ‘that’ll do’ ‘that’s the best I can get’ which it’s not like that now, your range is so massive there’s tuff there that will fit nice and look nice so yeah it’s definitely a lot better now than when I was younger.

Is there anything you look for when you go shopping?

I spend most of my life in casual stuff, just because I’m in the gym a lot and I spend a lot of my life at home working on my laptop and just want to be comfortable, in trackies and a plain t-shirt which is perfect when I do go out I want something a bit smarter so a nice shirt and nice trousers I’m not much of a jeans guy, but yeah shirts that look nice fit nice and feel good and stuff to relax in.

Do you have a favourite piece of ours you like at the minute?

I’ll be doing a shoot every now and again and something a bit lairy pops up and I think yeah that’s something I would wear that’s a bit different. Obviously, you do the brand stuff alongside the BadRhino stuff, so the range is constantly growing now, normally I prefer plain stuff but sometimes there’s a shirt that’ll stand out that I really like.

Favourite part about modelling?

I think probably seeing things I wouldn’t normally wear and trying things I wouldn’t normally go for and I think I would wear thing. I think guys when they go clothes shopping its very much like oh that’ll do and grab something whereas I have the advantage of trying on everything even things I’m not sure about which is probably the best bit.

Have you ever received any negativity through modelling?

Not really, I don’t pay much attention to it if I’m honest, at the end of the day it’s real life there are big people walking around in bigger than a 2xl which is the biggest size in shops and now there’s guys walking around that go beyond that and women going around that are bigger than an size 8/10 and you want your models to represent real life more in my opinion anyway and you need to open those avenues, the clothes are not going to look the same on a tall slim guy as to what it does on me, its more relatable to have that sort of variety.

Body shapes and sizes – do you think that everyone fits in the same standard?

Everyone’s unique you get 5 3xl guys and they’ll all be different shapes, but genuinely the clothes will always fit and getting things that will fit you nice always helps and now you can. Now we have the options we have of the bigger sizes, it’s important to understand how things fit you and everything else. I think we’re in a position now we’ve got more options and that’s the important thing.

Any Terry Hollands styling tips?

Wear what makes you feel good, I think that’s the biggest thing I think, even if its something most people wouldn’t wear, if it makes you feel good then wear it. it doesn’t matter if its fluorescent green, I you like the look of it and it looks good on you just wear it with pride and own it.

I think it’s almost been acceptable for women or society have said that guys never really spoke about how they felt wearing clothes. If I put on a nice suit, I feel good you know and things have changed perceptions have changed and we have options and can pick what we want to wear and there’s nothing wrong with saying I feel good in a nice suit.

Do you think that men’s fashion has become more trend-led?

It’s great it’s definitely improved so much, working with you guys over the last few years, I can see the upward trend on the number of different tops you’re doing now, I’ve become a lot busier with you guys as its grown the amount of different types of tops, styles and designs is probably x100 more than what it was like when I was a teenager.

Thank you for joining us on this second blog instalment with Terry Hollands. Stay tuned for our next one, where we’ll delve into the unique experiences and and general life of Terry Hollands. Until then, stay strong!

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