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What To Wear On A Stag Do: The Big Man’s Guide


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The Great British Stag Do is the perfect opportunity to humiliate the groom-to-be. But whether he’s dressed as a nun or one of the teletubbies, you can still stand out from the crowd by looking your very best.

We’ve got a bunch of outfit ideas designed to get you through the weekend looking sharp — even when you’re feeling rough.

From comfy and casual to something more formal, check out these essential looks for a lads weekend to remember — for the right reasons.

Outfit 1: The Casual Stag Do

If the best man announces a chilled pub crawl and a cheeky Nandos in the WhatsApp chat, you’ll be on to a winner with this denim combo.

A straightforward white trainers and blue jeans combo sets you up well for a form-flattering look. It’s all topped off with this everyday jacket from D555, which — thanks to a unique roomy fit — keeps the laid-back vibes going all day long… even if the groom-to-be doesn’t last that long!

Outfit 2: The Smart-Casual Stag Do

Starting to get a little smarter now — we’re talking table bookings and cocktail bars.

Step up your game with these sleek lace-up trainers from Jack & Jones. Not only do they look the part, but — crucially — they’re also super comfortable. So, if anyone’s complaining about the endless treks back and forth between pubs, it won’t be you!

Up top, it’s all business with our BadRhino short-sleeve navy poplin. There’s a nice loose collar here so don’t be afraid to don that top button with pride.

Outfit 3: The “Going Abroad” Stag Do

Sunshine here we come. Hopefully it’s a little more Barcelona than Benidorm, but wherever you’re headed, bring the heat with this scorcher of a shirt. This is a big, bold print that you can rock with confidence whether you’re on the strong beers or sipping mocktails to nurse your hangover.

Complete the look with a pair of versatile beige rugby shorts and blue canvas high-tops from Jack & Jones. You might be tempted to go for the flip-flops, but trust us on this one: shell-toes are the way to go.

Outfit 4 — The “Laid-back” Stag Do

Some stags put one rule above all others: comfort is king. If you’re on the invite list for a weekend that’s more ‘Sofas and FIFA’ than ‘Shots in Ibiza’, then this get-up is what you’ll need to settle down in style.

First up: the sweatshirt has to be your go-to. This navy number from Jack & Jones is roomy and soft, perfect for lounging in from dusk till dawn. Pair with navy shorts for an easy-going look.

And the finishing touch? Sandals and socks. We know, we know… but it just works in this look, and it’s super comfy to boot. Pick up some Lyle and Scott white socks and slip into these double-strap sandals to see why you’ll never want to take them off.

Outfit 5 — The Gentleman’s Stag Do

Let’s get serious, then, and kick things off with this exquisite checked overcoat. The spacious fit around the chest promises all-day comfort while still bringing a sophisticated appeal.

Then, don the Oxford: it’s a classic because it works so seamlessly, especially when the whole thing is wrapped up with our charcoal-grey stretch trousers. Big thighs? Not to worry: these refined trousers are made with a little extra space down there so you can feel as good as you look.

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