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Whether it’s answering the Call of Duty or helping a platforming plumber to save the world, no other form of entertainment can immerse us like video games. We’ve compiled some of the biggest franchises and compared their aggregated review scores to see who really is top of the leaderboard.

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Game scores are based on aggregated scores from GameRankings and, where needed, Wikipedia aggregated scores. Where an entire major game franchise or specific release is not depicted it’s due to score data not being available. Data may not cover all of the platforms a game was released for. The year of release may differ depending on region of the world. Franchise spin-off games that were not of the same genre as the original core franchise are not included. Re-issues and remasters of a game for another platform or with added content are not included.

Image credits: BagoGames, Jake Hamby, BagoGames, JUDA, AutisticGamer101, sicosis3dfx, jit bag